UK Lottery Results

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Euromillions Results

EuroMillions is the most popular lottery that you can find in Europe. This lottery has been there for more than 10 long years. People in numerous EU countries purchase EuroMillions tickets and try their luck. Out of them, people in Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom hold a prominent place.
The EuroMillions draws take place in two different times a week. In fact, these draws are taking place on Tuesdays as well as Fridays. The best thing about EuroMillions lottery is that the starting jackpot associated with it is around 15 million Euros. If nobody wins this jackpot, it will keep on increasing along with the subsequent draws. In fact, the jackpot will be increased by around 12 million Euros in each draw.
The highest jackpot amount of EuroMillions has been 190 million Euros. Imagine what you can do by winning this jackpot. Hence, you can go ahead and purchase EuroMillions lottery tickets without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind.
In order to become the jackpot winner of EuroMillions, you need to pick a combination of five main numbers from numbers in between 1 and 50. In addition to that, you should also pick two additional numbers from 1 and 11.

UK49s Results

UK49 is an exceptional lottery that you can find in the country. It has got a weekday draw as well as a weekend draw.
The UK49 is operated by 49S Limited. There are two different draws that are named as lunchtime draw and teatime draw. The lunchtime draw takes place at 12:49 noon. On the other hand, the teatime draw is taking place at 17:49 in the evening.
During the draw, six different numbers are picked from a series of balls that are ranged from 1 to 49. In addition to that, a booster ball will be picked as well. The lottery is played at some of the major betting offices that you can find in the country. The jackpot amount you can get out of UK49 lottery is millions of Euros. It varies from one draw to another.

Irish Lottery Results

Irish lottery is the most popular lottery that you can find among people who come from Ireland. We are sharing the Irish lottery results along with you as well. You will be able to take a look at them and move forward through our website.
The Irish lottery was recently started. The lottery draws take place in two different instances of the week. The very first instance is on Wednesday night. This is called as the weekday draw. Then you will be able to find another draw on Saturdays, which is called as the weekend draw. You will be able to get a starting jackpot of around one million Euros with the Irish lottery. If no one claims for this jackpot prize, it will keep on increasing along with each draw.

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